Alessia Putin

Professor of Law and International Relations.

“Moving towards a free society with solidarity and justice requires a collective effort in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and general welfare. It is our biggest responsibility. “

Member of the Board of Directors of family businesses with companies founded since 1855, dedicated to the manufacture of eco-sustainable equipment for the production of construction materials, cement, air purification and biomass.

She completes his professional experience at the United Nations as the representative of Italy for the World Trade Point Federation at UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development), in the areas of Credit Intelligence and Risk Management.

She was a collaborator of the professional office of the politician Mr. José María Benegas.

She holds a Cum Laude PhD degree and an option for an Extraordinary Award in Law and Social Sciences with the thesis: “From Rome to Lisbon. Historical-juridical problems in the construction of Europe “.

She holds an Executive MBA from the University of Kansas, School of Business. Master in Government, Leadership and Public Management at Instituto Atlántico de Gobierno.

She teaches and lectures on Law, entrepreneurship and politics in universities and schools.

SHe has published several academic articles.