Ángel Bizcarrondo Ibáñez

“Language defines us as humans. Only if we use it well can we improve our condition. “

Industrial Engineer, 1970. Higher Technical School of Industrial Engineers of Bilbao.

He began his career at IBM and Telefónica.

He joined the Industrial Engineers Corps at the service of the Public Treasury in 1976.

Financial and Tax Inspector, assigned in Oviedo in 1977.

Deputy Director General of Tax Inspection, 1982.

Special Delegate of the Treasury of Madrid, 1985.

General Director of Tax Management, 1989.

He was Founder and Director General of Centro de Estudios Garrigues.

He is currently president of the Academic Council of Centro Garrigues, member of the advisory councils of Auren and Francis Lefebvre, General Secretary of Asociación Española contra el Cáncer. He is also member of Euroamerica Foundation’s board

He is the author of several publications and regularly collaborates in the media.