Ignacio Buqueras y Bach

Businessman. Academic

“I think that education for all is a priority, including values; and the importance of time, which is essential for a good personal, family and work-life balance. “

Economist. Doctor in Information Sciences at Complutense University. Businessman. President and member of the board of directors of several associations such as Asociación para la Difusión y Promoción del Patrimonio Mundial de España. Executive President of Homenaje Universal al Idioma Español.

Director of Club Siglo XXI, Royal Spanish Naval League, Panel Cívico, Sociedad Civil G2020 and OCU. Member of the Spanish Chapter of Rome Club. Knight of the Monastery of Yuste. Member of Carlos III Foundation. Commander of Orden de Caballería del Santo Sepulcro de Jerusalén.

Honorary President and Founder of ARHOE. National Commission for the Rationalization of the Spanish Schedules 2003/2015.

In 2006 he published the book “Tiempo al Tiempo” (Planet), described as “a courageous proposal for a drastic and necessary change of schedules in Spain”. In 2017 he published the book “Let’s lose time” as co-author with Jorge Cagigas, a direct and pragmatic work.

He is also the author of books such as: “Cataluña en Madrid” -TCS40, 1984; “Josep Pla, el ‘seny’ irónico – Silex, 1985; “Rediscover America. Discovering Spain “.- TCS40, 1985; “Cambó” – Plaza & Janés, 1987; “Goal 92: Spain in the World” -FECRP, 1988-; “More Society, less and better State” -Editorial Complutense, 2002-.

Honorary President of Fundación Independiente, Círculo Catalán de Madrid, Confederación Española de Casas Regionales y Provinciales, Confederación Española de Organizaciones de Mayores -CEOMA-.

Despacho profesional:
Alcalá, 211 28028 Edificio Roma Of. 9 Madrid.
Telf.: 91 426 15 68