Isabel Winkels Arce


Law Degree at Universidad Complutense de Madrid and member of Madrid Bar Association  since 1987. Member of Winkels Abogados focused on family law and inheritance.

Founder and former president of the Family Section of Madrid Bar Association. She is Professor of Family Law of the University Master for Access to the Profession of Lawyer of the Institute of Stock Market Studies (IEB) and Rey Juan Carlos University.

She is a member of associations and legal forums, national and international, regularly collaborates in different media. She is convinced that the specialization of family courts, and the updating of legislation, is essential to protect minors from the conflict between their parents. The time of judicial processes is reduced and cases of gender violence can be avoided. Consequently, she fights for the protection of minors and for accelerating judicial processes to avoid injuring the most vulnerable.

Family crises affect adults and children. Institutions have an obligation to offer quick and effective judicial responses to family crises.