Joaquín Leguina Herrán

Economist, demographer and writer

 “First you have to talk and then move on to action”


  • 1972. Complutense University of Madrid, Faculty of Economic Sciences.
  • 1973. Sorbonne of Paris. Social Sciences (Demography).

Professional activity:

  • Superior Statistician of the State (INE). Opposition won in 1969.
  • Expert Demographer for the United Nations. Chile (1973 – 1974).

Scientific Publications:

  • “Fundamentals of demography”. Siglo XXI Editores. 375 pages Madrid, 1973.
  • “Study on the Spanish population”. J. Leguina and others. III Plan de Desarrollo. 557 pages. Madrid, 1972.
  • “Agriculture and Spanish capitalist development. 1940-1970 “. J. Leguina and others. Siglo XXI Editores. 248 pages. Madrid, 1975
  • “Who are the inhabitants of Spain?” La Gaya Ciencia. Barcelona, ​​1976.
  • “Population, activity and occupation”. J. Leguina and others. Ministry of Economy and Commerce. 740 pages Madrid, 1980

Literary work:

  • Twelve novels and stories. The last one “I will save your life”, with R. Buren. Alfonso X Prize.


  • Twelve essays. The last two, “Ten myths of Catalan nationalism” (Temas de Hoy) and “Amor, desamor y otros divertimentos” (Cálamo).
  • He has been President of the Community of Madrid (12 years) and Congressman (13 years).