Ramón Soler-Padró

Musician and lawyer. Executive Vice President at the World Jurist Association

“Foro España is a great opportunity to build a project of Spain from the civil society and the diverse cultural wealth of the country, promoting art as a sign of progress of a brave and self-critical nation that looks to the future.”

He is currently a delegate at the United Nations by the World Jurist Association, partner of the radio company Bottini Communication, secretary of Fundación Catalunya Sociedad Civil, legal advisor in Soler Padró, V. Hohenlohe & Engel, founding member of the young league of the Liceo circle of Barcelona, and founding member of the Hispano-Japanese Cultural Association Aibunka.

As an artist, he has composed orchestra music for solo and accompanied piano, and is the author of anthems for international associations such as the Sciècle XXI club.