• The future of our Europe
    THE FUTURE OF YOUNG PEOPLE The future of our Europe
  • it's not what they have or deserve but what they give
    What makes a people group great it's not what they have or deserve but what they give
  • Spanish and Catalan: why not?
    European and Spanish: of course. Spanish and Catalan: why not?
  • it is not their nationalism it's their civic culture
    The strength of a nation it is not their nationalism it's their civic culture


Only a strong and united social movement will be possible if we have a fluid, updated and shared information. Let’s open this window of intercommunication and exchange of common objectives.


Our challenges

Our challenges

Know what they are and how we want to face them

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We have a double account intervention system

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Join us!

Join us!

Together we are stronger

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Objectives to achieve

“Society will only be able to promote its social progress and reaffirm the values that identify it with involvement, dynamism and solidarity”

Economic and social issues

Think about the current economic and social reality of Spain, from pluralism, solidarity and tolerance among the Autonomous Communities, in the common values of all: education as an engine of sustainability, justice, transparency, social equality and gender, and the search for sustainable development.

Legal certainty

Promote the principles and values that guarantee legal security in Spain in its community and international context, stopping the social division produced by the effects of the economic crisis, especially in the youngest.

Spain and Europe

Promote democratic values and solidarity in the context of political change in Spain and the European Union.

Understanding between Autonomous Communities

Renew the framework of competences of the Autonomous Communities, from solidarity and interregional understanding.

Independence of thought

Promote studies independent of thought that endorse these values to achieve a reform of the regional financing.

For a Welfare State
from interterritorial integration

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All united in a common front:
solidarity as a source of understanding and encounter that wants to contribute to improve Spain


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