We are a group of professionals from different fields that we want to raise awareness in society and propose actions on the most important areas of the State (pensions, education, social equality), to strengthen them and reach our political representatives, so that they can listen to us. As a transversal and integrating social movement, we want a united Spain with renewed values and the spirit of concord as the main axis of the Transition and adapt to the new social, cultural, economic and political reality.


We seek agreements in areas of education, health, equal for all, without depending on the government in office. A system that guarantees our “Welfare State”. Sustainable employment, which includes millennials, and equal opportunities by gender; they are policies that must be kept away from electoral opportunism.


A modern justice, with economic means that allow a true judicial protection to the citizen. FORO ESPAÑA aims to connect with civil society, through institutions, associations, individuals and legal entities to protect their interests and affirm public opinion in governmental and social decision-making bodies.


FORO ESPAÑA builds its identity based on solidarity:


Economic and social reflection

Reflect on the current economic and social reality in Spain, from pluralism, solidarity and tolerance between autonomous communities with common values for all: education, justice, transparency, social and gender equality, and the search for a sustainable development.


Legal certainty

Strengthen the principles and values that guarantee the legal certainty of Spain, in a community and international context, stopping the social fracture produced by the economic crisis, especially among young people.


Spain and Europe

Promote democratic values and solidarity in the context of the political change facing Spain and the European Union.


Understanding between CCAA

Renew the framework of powers of the CCAA, from solidarity and interregional understanding.


Independent thinking

Promote, with independence of thought, studies that support this value for a reform of the financing of the autonomous communities.

Rescue the meaning and advantages of the concept “consensus”

that has been the beginning of our Constitution and of the great advances achieved.


Recover social and cultural cohesion

among the citizens of the different Communities so that the values of the Constitution can be in the development of education and the culture of all citizens.


Re-establish solidarity values among the Communities

Retake the Welfare State as a primary reference to reach basic pacts in social and priority groups: education, unemployment, pensions, aid to situations of inequality, gender violence, the entry of young people into the labor market, demographic development and public health.


Promote calm thinking and debate

on the great challenges of Spanish society from the pride of a modern and democratic country like Spain, and the diversity of a millenary culture integrated into a common European context.